Seeing our pictures on social media would have many to think we were the perfect couple, with the perfect children, in our perfect world. Most would not be able to tell that in 2009 after just 5 years of marriage and while my wife was 3 months pregnant with our 3rd child, I walked out on her and our two daughters at the time. Me, a believing husband, father and MAN, walked out on my wife and our covenant because I had had enough! We were then separated, hostile and contemplating divorce. We didn’t even want to hear each other’s voices at the time let alone be in the same room with one another. There was no possible way we were going to reconcile with this amount of animosity and hostility between the two of us, but Love stood up in us to reconcile and move forward in our marriage instead. Well, that’s the very short, nice and neat version of the story but it is a testament of what LOVE can do in your life and marriage when you allow it to. My wife and I have been through so much in our marriage that in 2011, it was time to write our stories and share them on Facebook. Little did we know, a vivid post about my wife’s struggle with lust of another man would go viral and bring many from different cultures to our Truly Faithful page. For the last 7 years, this is where we have opened up intimately about the issues in our marriage, how we work through those issues, how we still have struggles along the way of this marital journey and how The Most High has brought us through every situation that have ended many marriages.

Coined “PAV & OEV” by social media (Pastor Antonio Vance & Octavia E. Vance) and known as The V-Force Family, we have had the opportunity to encourage thousands in their singleness, their marriages, their nation building and in their sex lives. Thousands have followed the miracle birth of our 4th child Priya, the answered prayers of another son being born in our 5th child Promise, the fun loving shenanigans of our 1st son Prince, the sensitive and introverted life of our 2nd child Princess and the warmth and care of our 1st born Precious. After 13 year of marriage, 5 children and lots of up and downs, today we have a marriage where we are strong in our marital covenant, uncompromising on the developing and educating of our 5 beautiful children and indefatigable in building a nation that will surpass lifetimes. We teach singles to marry wisely and encourage husbands and wives to Build A Nation! Thank you for visiting our site! – PAV