“No Wasting Time Checking Wayward Women”! ~ OEV

When people ask me what would I do when or if wayward women flirt with my husband knowing he’s married, my answer is always the same…NOTHING! That’s not my place. It is my husband’s place to check wayward women, not mine. Point?

Wives, if you’re having to put up fb statuses telling other women not to flirt with your husband etc, imo, you are out of line as the problem is not with other women…it is with your husband.

Remember, our husbands are to be our earthly protectors, even in this. But if they are not doing their jobs in protecting you in this manner, then it is not your job to do their jobs for them.

So take this issue up with your husband and also pray, but never try to do his job. Instead, hold your husband accountable, take it to the Lord in prayer, reach out to the Elders/Older Godly Wives if need be, then sit back and sip your tea knowing The Most High covers you in these matters even if your husband does not . ~ OEV ‪#‎NoStress‬

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