“I’m Still Qualified”! ~ OEV

I'm the most imperfect person you're going to find in this world. But I'm still qualified to speak the truth of The Most High. I'm the most flawed person this side of heaven. But I'm still qualified to share the truth of Yahshua. I miss the mark. I can be emotional. I am wrong a lot of times. I can be your best friend or your worst friend when I'm not in control of my feelings. But I'm still qualified to lead those The Most High have put in front of me to lead. I can miss it as a wife at times. I can miss it as a Mother at times too. But I'm still qualified to be a help to many wives and many mothers. I can be disingenuous but still honest. I can be insolent at times but still polite overall. I can be aggressive at times but diffident as well. I am an extrovert but have times where I'm an ambivert. I can be loud when addressing others but quiet as well. I can be strong in my expressions but gentle in my delivery. At any given time I can mess up every single thing I've worked very hard to overcome, but even in all of that, I am still qualified to do what The Most High has called me to do.

People will disqualify you for every mishap, every bad decision you make, every mistake you can't seem to shake and every sinful step you may take. But in the end, it is not man who qualifies you but The Most High. And who He calls, He qualifies. Who He qualifies, He prepares. Who He prepares, He also forgives when they repent. And who He forgives, He gives them another chance. Many of you just want another chance to get it right today. Many of you feel you have dropped the ball so much that you are no longer qualified to do what He's called you to do. Many of you feel the need to be sat down, refused, denied, put aside, left hangin, even punished all because you have been on a roll with messing up. But I am here to tell you that I know what it's like to be in a funk to where all it seems like you're doing is messing up left and right. I know what it's like to question yourself asking, "Damn!  Can I do anything right? Can I just do one thing right to get me out of this mess? Can I just get out of this rut and thrive instead of just survive? Can I get out of my feelings instead of be all up in them all the time? Will I ever get my finances together?  Will I ever just make it in this area instead of always struggling in this area?" My Goodness!!!  I know, I know, I've felt this way many times. But I got news for you.

​You are not disqualified because you missed it this morning or last night with your wife or husband. You are not disqualified because you lost your cool with the people on your job or with your children. You are not disqualified because you had wicked thoughts about someone who hurt you and did you wrong. You are not disqualified because you tried to end your life when depression got the best of you. You are not disqualified because you made a fool of yourself in front of those you love. You are not disqualified because you fell into sin after giving in to horniness. You are not disqualified because you lied when human resources asked had you ever been late on a job and you said no just to get the job. You are not disqualified because you've been missing paying tithes to pay your bills and take care of your children. You are not disqualified because you have been falling short in so many areas of life where others are succeeding. You are not disqualified because you feel you should be much further along than you are right now. You are not disqualified because your marriage is a mess. You are not disqualified because you're in your 30's and 40's and still not married. You are not disqualified because you're broke right now.  You are not disqualified...Why not? Because you are still HIS! If you are still His and you are still up in this piece working to get the best out of this life, then you are still qualified. If you still have breath...if you still have life...if you still have space and opportunity...if you still have your right mind...if you still have the willingness to get better...if you're still fighting to make it, then no my friend, you are not disqualified. Know this...No man on earth can disqualify you. If The Most High says you're qualified, then YOU ARE STILL QUALIFIED!

​So get up, repent if you need to, pray because it's what you should do, reach out if you have to. Then wash your face, drink some water, look in that mirror and say "I'm Still Qualified", then be on your way and go do what you are still qualified to do! ~ OEV





Rom 8:30, "And those whom He predestined He also called, and those whom He called He also justified, and those whom He justified He also glorified".

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I'm Still Qualified

  • I do needed this right now. Been feeling so disqualified in recent times. Regretting so many things esp letting anger and depression control me sometimes. Getting off my butt and going to try to get back on track cos I AM STILL QUALIFIED ! Thank u Jesus

    • I’m so glad this encouraged you Chinwe. The Most High knows exactly what we need, when we need it. I had no idea nor any plans to write while I was up earlier but it hit me to write on this. There are times where I too feel disqualified and I even try to disqualify myself. I can beat myself up pretty bad with discouragement. But I am grateful to God for always picking me up when I need it. I wrote this from the heart and I encourage you to get up, get prayed up and go do what He has called you to do. One other thing. You mentioned depression. Please reach out in getting help with depression. In this day and time, we need all the help we can get with the things we have to deal with. Be Encouraged dear and thanks for reading. ~ OEV 🙂

  • Thk u so much for dis, been going thru a lot since dis past Friday academically, thks for letting me know am still Qualify. So grateful for dis ma, u really don’t knw how u ve help me with dis post.

  • Thank you so deeply… A friend sent me this link cos I reached out. Very true everything up there

  • This was soooo timely in my life! It truly blessed me…. I have felt this way for sometime. With burning desires to do what I the Most High has called me to do, but holding over my head “my sins are ever before me”. I love my children but would feel that I cannot minister or encourage anyone else because clearly I sinned. But that’s just it, I sinned…. past tense, I’m breaking free,,,, thank you for this post!

  • Thanks so much, am really blessed by this message, have been thinking lately that am in my late 30’s not married. I took a deep breath after reading the message and said am still qualify. God bless you

  • Thanks for this OEV. I had seen it and passed it over, but reading it this morning makes the timing just perfect. Thank you Jesus.