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Raw, Uncut AND Biblical!

“Just to be totally honest, as long as I have been a believer, I have never run across someone who talks about sex(and marriage) in such a raw, uncut AND biblical manner like she does. She doesn’t shy from any conversation…If you ain’t scared…she ain’t scared.  As a newlywed, there were many preconceived notions that I had  that Octavia helped me to toss out of the window after watching her online Periscopes and working with her one on one. I have learned that as a wife, there is so much that I can do to be successful in marriage as long as I take heed and put in the work”.

Samone B.


“Y’all I LOVE this lady right here! She speaks sooooo much truth and is committed to her cause:  giving freedom to any and ALL Queens who have some point or another experienced sexual repression whether from the church, community, family, friends, male counterparts or even fellow women”. 

Shirlena H.

Life Changing!

“Working with OEV has been life-changing! Because of her transparency and unfiltered style of teaching, she has encouraged me to grow in so many ways. I am confident that she has something to share with women of all ages and backgrounds. Her teachings will reach many and many women will eagerly apply what they learn.  As a result, they will enter or continue in marriages that will be prosperous! It’s exciting”!!!

Jalisa E.

About the Author

About the Author

Frank and no nonsense is what many call this Woman of Yah who gives the straight up truth in love, with a side of humor.   

Octavia E Vance, known as OEV to many on social media, is a Liberator of Struggle Love and Religious Sexual Repression. With 14 years of marriage under her belt, 5 stair stepping children and 5 books authored, OEV is an uncompromising truth speaker on love and sex. Championing that she’s the “Big Sis You Never Had”, Octavia’s vocation working as a Certified Life, Love and Sex coach is leading ladies from struggle love to triumphant love and from (religious) sexual repression to sexual liberation.

You can find her under the handle @betrulyfaithful on most social media sites.

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